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2014 WildView Taiwan Film Festival
2014 WildView Taiwan Film Festival

Bored at home on a hot summer's day? Why not go to the movies at the Shoushan National Nature Park! A series of outstanding wildlife movies will be screened at Shoushan National Nature Park all day every Saturday from August 2, 2014 to December 27, 2014. All the movies were award winners and finalists at the Wildscreen Festival in the U.K, affectionately known as the "Green Oscars". There will be a quiz contest after each post-screening discussion. Anyone answering a question correctly will win a free gift! Different movies will be screened each month and five ecological talks featuring each month's theme will be held in which invited ecologists, photographers, and documentary directors will share stories and experiences from the shooting of the movies. This film festival will surely enrich and enlighten your holidays. The film festival is being held at the 2F Education Center of the Planning Office of Shoushan National Nature Park. All activities are free of charge. We welcome you to attend this exciting film festival!

Time: August 2, 2014 (Saturday) to December 27, 2014 (Saturday). All-day screenings every Saturday.

※ Because other activities will be hosted in the Planning Office of Shoushan National Nature Park on August 9 and November 8, screenings are scheduled for August 10 (Sunday) and November 9 (Sunday) instead.

Venue: 2F Education Center of the Planning Office of the Shoushan National Nature Park

Kaohsiung Train Station → Bus No.56→ Shoushan Zoo Car Park → 2-minute walk→ Shoushan National Nature Park

Screening schedule: docShoushan National Nature Park Film Festival Screening Schedule.doc 【The organizer reserves the right to reschedule sessions without prior notice.】

Introduction to the movies:docMovie Synopses of 2014 WildView Taiwan Film Festival.doc

Last Updated:2014-10-24