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▲Level: 5th-7th grades

▲Course Description: Close to downtown Kaohsiung, SNNP is a favorite of nature-loving city residents. Unfortunately over time some invasive species have been introduced that have put the park’s original inhabitants at risk. Through knowledge sharing and hands-on participation we explore invasive species in detail while discussing how to create a park that is friendly to both the environment and people.

▲Program Objectives: students who complete the program are expected to:

    1. Understand the definition and origin(s) of invasive species;
    2. Identify common invasive species in Shoushan;
    3. Understand the impact of invasive species on our environment;
    4. Know that most of Shoushan’s exotic species are introduced;
    5. Take action to remove invasive species;
    6. Understand how to handle exotic species.

▲ About Exotic Species:

The Common sun skink found in Shoushan is a survival expert that can look for food and avoid predators immediately after birth. One of the adult skink’s anti-predator behaviors is to hide underwater for up to 30 minutes.

Last Updated: 2014-10-22