Field Trip Programs

▲Level: 6th-8th grades

▲Course Description: Many Kaohsiung locals like to drink tea at the Former British Consulate, or admire the Port of Kaohsiung from the Mt. Qihou lighthouse or Qihou Fort. Do you know the Port of Kaohsiung was only a small fishing village a century ago yet it has had a huge influence on Kaohsiung? Let’s explore this area’s historical significance through observation, activities, games and drama.

▲Program Objectives: students who complete the program are expected to:

    1. Learn the importance of Mt. Qihou to Kaohsiung from a historical perspective;
    2. Understand how Kaohsiung City has been influenced by the Port of Kaohsiung;
    3. Understand how Shoushan connects to its neighboring historical sites and the Port of Kaohsiung;
    4. Understand how their own cities have developed.

▲Historical Note:

Legend has it that two tigers brought by Koxinga to Taiwan escaped from their cages. One of the tigers was beaten to death in a southern region later called “Takau,” a Taiwanese phrase that literally means “to beat a dog”. (It is thought that tigers were so rare that people thought they were large dogs). Takau became the name for the area and then the Japanese translated the name into Japanese Kanji, pronounced in Mandarin as “Kaohsiung”.

Last Updated: 2014-10-22