Field Trip Programs

▲Level: 7th-9th grades (limited to 20 or fewer persons per mini-bus)

▲Course Description: “The god that made dumplings out of the missing half of Mt. Banping” and “Lin Dao-qian storing silver in a cave” are both familiar local legends. By observing and investigating we can discover the secrets of Shoushan.

▲Program Objectives: students who complete the program are expected to:

    1. Learn about Shoushan National Nature Park’s (SNNP) topographical and geological features in a hands-on manner, including how these features came into existence;
    2. Carry out a scientific survey through teamwork;
    3. Understand how a region’s geological and topographical features affect human activities, and vice versa;
    4. Learn about a national park’s responsibility to preserve the environment of its surrounding areas.

▲ Geological Note:

The limestone formations found in Shoushan, Banping and Guishan come from coral deposits and contain traces of coral skeletons or shells.

Last Updated: 2014-10-22