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Welcome to use Email Box of Shoushan National Nature Park.
After sending a letter to the Director-General’s Email Box, you will receive a standard reply shortly, as an indication that the Director-General’s Email Box computer system has received your letter.

  1. The processing time after the mailbox to mail the next day go to the Suggestion Box began starting 3 days (excluding national holidays), three working days if they have not received a reply to the relevant units, you can check the Internet the letter processing scenario.
  2. If you can not use web site, you can contact us by telphone (07-262-0610).
  3. There are the following circumstances, the Department was not processed:
    1. No specific content, not a name or address.
    2. After verification by leaving your name, address, contact telephone or e-mail location belongs counterfeiting, false or untruthful anonymous.
    3. Involving judicial prosecution or sentencing own.
    4. Duplicate applications cases.
    5. This is not a matter of the management.